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NetSuite for Transport & Logistics

Time is money in the transport business and if assets aren’t moving, they’re costing money.

Information systems are revolutionising the efficiency, control and management capabilities of transport operators, providing visibility into logistics operations and supply chains which were never before possible.

With NetSuite, Project Salsa is empowering modern transport operators to know more, plan better, work moving assets more effectively and boost the bottom line.

Competitive international markets and an increasingly digitised omnichannel supply chain mean that data-driven insights that trim costs and accelerate delivery are a must. To keep pace, transportation and logistics companies need core financials that can help them be agile and forward-thinking as they navigate the constantly changing global landscape.

Move your business forward with cloud financials.

Shatter your limitations with game-changing financials built on 20 years of experience in the industry.

Harness the power of the cloud—streamline processes and consolidate your books.

Beat your competition with the flexibility of a system built for the 21st century.


Key Features

  • Financial Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Inventory and Supply Chain
  • Spend Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Global Business Management

Financial Management

A best-of-breed financial management application ensures world-class accounting across your organisation.

Easily understand key metrics—like Cost of Goods Sold and Picking Accuracy—that help you improve organizational efficiencies and grow your business.

Gain real-time access to the financial and operational performance of your wholesale distribution business.

Automate transaction flow and reduce manual data entry to eliminate errors and improve time to value.

Maintain compliance with applicable accounting standards while establishing control and enabling audit trails.

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Order Management

Manage orders from multiple channels — in-store, web, call centre, mobile, kiosk — in one place. Delivering a “buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere” experience is easy with real-time inventory visibility across all locations, including stores. Process orders faster, gain more satisfied customers and lower operational costs.

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Customer Relationship Management

Gain a 360-degree View of Customers
Customer Relationship Management
  • Generate a single view of a customer across all channels for complete visibility into all online, and call-center transactions and interactions.
  • Build rich customer profiles based on behaviors and interactions that can be made available to sales, marketing and support personnel.
  • Create target segments for highly focused, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions.
  • Understand your customers’ true lifetime value.
  • Reduce service costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and provide a consistent customer service experience across all channels.

Revenue Management

Report Revenue with Confidence and Accuracy
Revenue Management
  • Automate revenue recognition with financially intelligent capabilities to report results in accordance with accounting standards.
  • Automatically generate and dispatch invoices at recurring intervals on time.
  • Schedule renewals automatically or set reminders in advance to pursue upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Package and offer the service you want based on the type of rates and duration needed.

Inventory and Supply Chain

Control and Monitor your Outsourced Manufacturing Processes as Easily as if They were Your Own

Location irrelevance is the concept that the location a product is manufactured, and by whom it's manufactured, should be completely irrelevant—you should be able to manage the production and supply of your products in the same way as if you were manufacturing them yourselves. NetSuite gives you a global view of all of your inventory, regardless of where it is and by whom it's being consumed.

Key Benefits

  • Global, real-time view of inventory status.
  • Vendor, CM and 3PL Location management.
  • Full Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) capabilities for multi-location planning.
  • Easily collaborate with your supply chain partners.

Spend Management

Optimise Company Savings With Better Spend Management
Spend Management
  • Request approval to procure goods and services quickly and easily.
  • Optimize procurement for recurring needs with negotiated terms, tiered pricing, and pre-specified delivery schedules.
  • Enforce compliance with purchasing thresholds and guidelines.
  • From acquisition through payment, automate the complete procurement process for goods and services.
  • Accept a variety of credit and debit card types and other electronic forms of payment for online payment processing needs.
  • Establish a budget and spending controls to ensure compliance with policies.
  • Maximize the accuracy and timeliness of your timesheet and expense processes with online self-service tools.
  • Gain real-time visibility into the spending trends across your organisation.

Business Intelligence

Real-time Business Intelligence
Reporting and Analytics
  • Ensure compliance and accommodate requirements with easy and timely customised reporting.
  • Create reports and dashboards that combine operational and financial data and KPI’s.
  • Analyze statistical measures and results for each department, location, funder/donor and more.
  • Gain instant, real-time visibility for all key stakeholders, from high-level summaries down to the underlying transactions.
  • Ensure compliance and minimize risk with robust security, segregation of duties and fully auditable business processes.

Global Business Management

Global Business Management
NetSuite OneWorld
  • Adjust for currency, taxation and legal compliance differences at the local level, with regional and global business consolidation and roll-up.
  • Global CRM provides visibility into every aspect of your multinational organization, even with multiple languages and currencies, including forecasts and campaigns.
  • Manage inventory and fulfilment across multiple locations.
  • Run multi-store / multi-country / multi-site eCommerce with country-specific web stores and websites managed from a single NetSuite account.

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