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Whether you're evaluating and selecting a new ERP, implementing NetSuite Cloud ERP or needing training and support, our optimised services are aimed at simplifying your life

Implementation, Training & Support

Implementing your NetSuite solution and optimising it as your business grows requires a team of experts who have your specific business objectives in mind. At Project Salsa, our team provides implementation guidance, training and the support necessary to take full advantage of NetSuite.

Through the SuiteSuccess approach, our team will support your business from implementation to ongoing optimisation by fully understanding your unique business goals and applying deep industry knowledge at every stage.

Faster Implementation on Budget

During the ERP purchasing process, the team that implements your solution and the methodology used are two of the most important decisions.

Unlike anything else in the industry, SuiteSuccess provides the ability to go live in a short period of time. SuiteSuccess pulls best practices from thousands of successful implementations—allowing us to focus on your unique NetSuite configuration, so you can focus on your business growth.

The handover from the sales team to the implementation team is simply a continuation of the process already in motion. Consultants can quickly access information from the sales cycle, which can jumpstart the activation process, assess your unique needs, and guard against misaligned goals.

NetSuite data migration tools make the process of data mapping and importing customer, vendor, item, and transactional information easier and faster.

Based on the individual needs of your business, NetSuite can be configured for a variety of unique requirements. So no matter what your business requires, NetSuite and Project Salsa can deliver.

Project Management

Our Project Management Office will play a central role in ensuring we stick to promises which we believe are fundamental to customer intimacy – such as upfront, known costs, assurance of price, scope and definitions, as entered into and agreed upon with you by us.

Our commitment with professional project management is to, as far as possible, identify possible challenges up front and, where issues might become apparent in the process of project execution, expose them and deal with them without hesitation.


After your NetSuite go-live, access to efficient, effective support is imperative. When unexpected issues arise, the right expertise at the right time allows your business to keep moving forward, avoiding hurdles that may otherwise cause your business to stall. Project Salsa will deliver a full range of support offerings after you go live to ensure that you and your team are supported.

We maintain a full-time Help Desk, providing regular upgrades and being proactive about resolving issues.

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