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NetSuite Cloud Infrastructure

NetSuite Cloud Infrastructure provides the security, availability, and data management you need to run your business in the cloud.
World-class security, availability, and data management

What is NetSuite Cloud Infrastructure?

NetSuite Cloud Infrastructure provides the computing resources and processes you need to run your business and manage your data. Users can easily access NetSuite services anytime, anywhere, with complete confidence — without the hassles of managing computing infrastructure. From its data centres around the world, NetSuite delivers comprehensive security, availability, and data management so you can focus on building and growing your business.


Security starts with strong encryption, role-based access controls and robust password policies, and layers of additional protection, such as multi-factor authentication, application-only access, and IP address-based restrictions.

Always On

NetSuite’s enterprise-grade, redundant infrastructure provides consistently high availability, backed with a 99.7% Service Level Commitment (SLC) and an average uptime of 99.96% over recent years.

Worry-Free Data Protection

Data is automatically replicated and backed up all day, every day, so your users can share information and insights quickly and effectively across the organization.

Lower Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs
Don’t worry about managing servers, compliance requirements or security — NetSuite does that for you.
Compliance in the Cloud
Embedded tools and processes – including critical documentation to reinforce governance – deliver security and compliance benefits.
Ensure Business Continuity
Your data is continually backed up across multiple data centres and is always available.

NetSuite Cloud Infrastructure Features

Oracle NetSuite operates geographically distinct data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

  • Application & Operational Security
  • Availability
  • Data Management
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM
  • Connectors

Application & Operational Security

Application security starts with strong encryption, role-based access, and robust password policies. NetSuite adds layers of additional protection, including multi-factor authentication, IP-address-based restrictions, and an application-only option that limits access to the underlying database. Operational security is reinforced with stringent round-the-clock monitoring and a dedicated and tenured security team that employs advanced tools, controls, and policies. In addition, NetSuite assists with compliance, via certifications, tools and advisory services that empower you to support the controls that are appropriate for your industry and geography.

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NetSuite backs up its commitment to providing customers with a highly available, always-on experience with a 99.7% service-level commitment. NetSuite runs on enterprise-grade, redundant infrastructure that provides uptime, averaging 99.96% over recent years. A publicly available status page displays system status at all times.

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Data Management

NetSuite data management policies and infrastructure provide operational resilience – the peace of mind knowing that your data is completely replicated, backed up, and available whenever and wherever you need it.

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Inventory Management

Optimise inventory via real-time visibility, companywide: warehouses, retail stores, pop-up shops, drop shippers, 3PLs — any place you manage or stock inventory. You’ll minimize overstocks, capture more sales and promote the most profitable products to your customers.

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Bring siloed data sources into a single repository to get a complete view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints. Capture all preferences, interactions and transactions and create rich customer profiles that will help you provide consistent service and support personalised marketing, merchandising and targeted promotions across all channels.

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Sync inventory, order and fulfillment data in NetSuite with online marketplaces, ecommerce storefronts, point of sale systems and third-party logistics (3PL) provider using pre-built connectors.

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