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NetSuite Order Management

Deliver an omnichannel experience, allowing customers to buy anywhere, receive anywhere and return anywhere.

Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, Return Anywhere with NetSuite Order Management

What is NetSuite Inventory Management?

NetSuite Order Management automates and manages the life cycle of an order — from the moment a customer places an order to delivery to post-sales service. It ensures accurate recordkeeping, covering order capture and validation, order release, shipment confirmation, customer communication and settlement. NetSuite Order Management also supports complex processes such as split shipments and drop ship. By tracking and managing the flow of information across all of your fulfilment locations and providers, NetSuite Order Management ensures orders move quickly and efficiently. When fulfilment problems arise, you can quickly resolve them and minimise delays.

Single Data Source

With inventory, pricing, order, payment and returns information producing a single source of data, customers and employees get consistent, fast answers to deliver a superior experience.

NetSuite Order Management Features

NetSuite Order Management ensures consistent, efficient order management across all sales channels, enabling businesses to deliver on customer expectations and boost profits. Detailed and comprehensive exception queues, dashboards and reports give you the tools you need to effectively monitor and scale your operations.

  • Multichannel Order Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Returns Management
  • Pricing Management

Multichannel Order Management

Intelligently determine how best to fulfil orders based on global inventory availability and predefined business rules. Meet customer delivery expectations, including direct ship from the warehouse, store fulfilment and drop ship.

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Sales Order Management

Improve cash flow by automating the order-to-cash process, removing bottlenecks and optimising processes to deliver orders on time and within budget.

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Returns Management

Extend the omnichannel experience to returns and exchanges. Set rules to accept returns from all channels, offer exchanges and manage the credit process.

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Pricing Management

Centrally manage, control and update pricing to maximise profits. Establish multiple price levels and customer- and currency-specific pricing. Easily create promotions for all sales channels — store, online, contact centers and sales orders. You’ll have all the data needed to analyze the effectiveness of your pricing strategy.

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NetSuite Order Management enables you to meet and exceed rising customer
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